Friday Finds Enjoy Life’s Nut-Free Trail Mix

Friday Finds Enjoy Life’s Nut-Free Trail Mix

I recently met a Mom whose little dude has a lot of allergies.  Nuts being one of them.

Since meeting them and learning about their allergies, I’ve decided to try and be a little more conscious about this life threatening allergy.

Hopefully you saw my post earlier this week – yummy nut-free breakfast cookies.  They were the first of many attempts on my part to be more aware of nut allergies.  I think all of us in the allergy community need to stick together!

I know how difficult it is to live without the convenience of most convenience foods!  You basically have to travel everywhere with a bin of food.  You can’t go to a coffee shop and grab your babe a muffin.  You have to ask at the grocery store if the wedge fries have wheat in them.  And school will be a whole new story in a couple of years.

So I try to always be on the lookout for good snacks and convenience foods that are healthy.  I found Enjoy Life’s Nut-Free Trail Mix at our grocery store.  The ingredients are sunflower seeds, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, sunflower oil, cranberries, apricots, and salt.

Pete and I tried it and thought it was great.  A lot like regular trail mix.  Callum wasn’t in the mood for “raisins”!  He’s totally a mood eater – don’t know where he gets that from.  Ahem.  Livvie’s not eating dried fruit yet, though she likes anything we’re eating so I’m sure she’d be happy to oblige when she’s old enough.

I like this trail mix because it would be great for road trips, or to take to school in lunches.  I like to take snacks with us wherever we go; I’m always travelling with pre-schoolers and ya never know when they’re going to get hungry.  This trail mix would be ideal to take anywhere we go because it’s nut-free!

You could easily make your own nut-free trail mix, but sometimes it’s just nice to be able to buy something that’s pre-made and healthy! It’s convenient 🙂

Enjoy Life has a lot of great products for us label-reading allergy people.  Check out their site here.  You might remember my post about their chocolate chips.

Have you tried their products?  What’s your fave?

*This is not an advertisement.  I bought the trail mix with my own hard-earned money.

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    Stephanie February 26, 2010 (11:08 am)

    Had it, loved it! Angry gall bladders don’t like nuts!!

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