Friday Finds: Mambo Sprouts

by Maggie on May 21, 2010

This week, in keeping with Celiac Awareness Month, I want to tell you about Mambo Sprouts.

Mambo Sprouts is an online resource that offers educational materials, free samples and coupon books for the health food industry.   This month they’re celebrating Celiac Awareness Month by featuring gluten-free recipes, bloggers, and product reviews.

I am one of the lucky gluten-free bloggers so they sent me some complimentary gluten-free products to taste and review.

We don’t often buy packaged gluten-free goodies (other than cereal and crackers) so this was a fun treat.  When Pete came downstairs for lunch Callum said, “Daddy, come and see the big box of food we got in the mail!”.

Inside was the following:

Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps Cereal which are essentially rice crispies only they’re fruit-juice sweetened.  Naturally we had to make rice crispy squares again and Barbara’s worked and tasted great!  I was happy to see that I could buy these at our local health food store because we definitely will.

Barbara’s Multigrain Cereal which made Callum very happy because they looked like this Barbara’s cereal he used to like before he was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity.  Both Callum and Livvie like snacking on these with and without the milk!  I prefer they have it with milk so I can boost it with some ground flax and sesame seeds.  I found the taste to be a little too sweet.  I don’t see us buying these.

Barbara’s Honey Rice which are basically the same as the Mulitgrain cereal and the babes liked them just the same too.

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers were a big hit with anyone who tried them (Pete, Livvie, Callum, my Mom, me).  The kiddies loved dipping them in almond butter and Pete and I loved them with pesto.  They remind me of Mary’s Gone Crackers only less seedy and more crackery.  I have never seen these crackers before but I’d definitely buy them if I did.

Glutino Gluten Free Breakfast Bars – Callum and I tried these but didn’t really like the strawberry flavour.  Callum is getting picky when it comes to his food.  Livvie nibbled on a piece but was more interested in stealing Callum’s pirates!  I gave a bar to my Dad who loves Fig Newtons.  He asked for more for his golf bag snacks!  That’s a good sign since he’s not on a gluten-free diet.

We also received three boxes of gluten-free baking mixes.  Unfortunately we couldn’t try them because they contained or required dairy and/or eggs.  I passed the mixes onto friends of mine who are trying out the gluten-free lifestyle.  Here’s what I passed on thanks to Mambo Sprouts:

Gluten-Free Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookie and Cake Mix

Gluten-Free Pantry Chocolate Truffle Brownie

Gluten-Free Pantry Rice Pancake Mix

So our taste-testing party was kind of like a gluten-free Christmas!  As most of you know, gluten-free products can get expensive so this was a real treat.  I am happy to see that more and more companies are diving into the gluten-free market.  It will make life easier for a lot of people.  I do, however, think it’s important that we don’t eat too many processed and packaged foods!

Thanks to Mambo Sprouts for the big box of food.  It was fun for the babes and I to have a little party on the kitchen floor with our box of gluten-free goodies.

We also received a package of coupons and will definitely be able to use some right away.

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Iris May 21, 2010 at 6:55 am

Seems like we agreed about everything. 🙂 I really do love Barbara’s cereals!


Maggie May 21, 2010 at 9:47 am

I love the cereals too, just a little sweet! I saw your post last night and was happy to see another blogger I knew working with Mambo Sprouts.


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