De-Gluten and Re-Gluten Shortbread Swap

by Maggie on December 8, 2009

Okay, I’m really excited about a little bloggie project that I’m working on right now and I just had to share it with my faithfuls. Yes you!

As I mentioned last week, I have become a bit of a Twitter-Nut – I know, many of you are still thinking, “I so don’t get twitter. It’s like a different-freakin’ language.” And yes, you’re right. It takes some time to get used to and it is a little like learning a new language. I’m still learning. But it just has so much to offer.

Not long ago, I met a fellow mlogger (my term for mom blogger, I know it’s lame) on Twitter and fell in love with her blog The Best Mommy On The Block . Her kids are basically the same age as Mr. Callum and little Miss Livvie Bear. And she loves to bake. What more could I ask for in a fellow mlogger? Hee hee. The only thing that stands between us is GLUTEN!! Da, da, da daaaaaa!

So I asked her to do a recipe swap with me. I thought it would be cool if I sent her a gorgeous GF recipe and she sent me a glorious gluten-y recipe. So she’s up for the challenge and we’re currently “working” on the de-glutenizing and re-glutenizing of our recipes.

Here’s what you have to look forward to: I gave her my Caramel-Almond Dream Bars (yet to be posted on here) and she gave me her Toblerone Shortbread. Hello, I love Toblerone. I can’t wait! I am thinking of looking for a vegan Toblerone option too and veganizing this recipe (attention Vegan Chicks: know of anything suitable?).  So you’re in for at least three yummy holiday recipes.

Stay tuned for the results. Hopefully some time next week as we both run on toddler time which can worsen at Christmastime. Part of me can’t believe Christmastime is one word…

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