Spa Sisters – Oh How Could We Live Without You?

by Maggie on November 6, 2009

I used to commute 45 minutes twice a day to get to work.  Ugh.  The only way to do a commute like this (fortunately it wasn’t a traffic-jam kind of commute, just a distance kind of commute) is with some company.  You make fast-friends since you’re in such cramped quarters for almost two hours of your day.

My first commuting affair was with a girl named Kerri.  Back then, she was commonly referred to as Martha, yes, as in Martha Stewart.  She loved to bake, decorate, create, dress up, and her ideas were always BIG!  Go big or go home kind of big.  I knew back then that this woman was going to do something incredible with her many passions.  And finally, she did.

Kerri and her sister Tricia officially started Spa Sisters four years ago.  And now Spa Sisters is an amazing success story with fantastic products for people of all ages.

I started really using Spa Sisters after Mr. Callum joined us.  He has sensitive skin and I needed something that was gentle and effective.  In comes Kerri (nod to Facebook for keeping us connected once our commuting affair ended) and her amazing line of skin care products.  Kerri immediately got me onto their Whipped Shea Butter.  And that was only the beginning.

Today you’ll find Spa Sisters all over my house.  I even used it to “stage” my bathroom when we sold our house this summer.  It just looks so pretty and smells even prettier.  Here are some of my favourite products:

The Whipped Shea (obviously)

Artisan Soap

Anything Vanilla Fudge scented

Foot and Body Scrubs

Lip Butter

Kids Bubble Bath

Kids Bath Soap (with awesome figurines inside each one)

The Lavender Room Spray

The Hand Wash

The Baby Bum Spray (part of their brand spankin’ new baby line)

And the list goes on.  I could NOT live without the Whipped Shea.  We all use it on our bodies, our faces, our lips.  It is amazing.  Last winter we used it on Callum’s face when he went outdoor skating – it makes for a great barrier cream.

Miss Livvie has ecxema so the Whipped Shea is an important part of her bath routine.  I even carry some of the shea in my coat pockets…ya just never know.

I haven’t even mentioned that their products are free of the following:

LS and SLES free

Paraben free

FDC colour/dye free

Petroleum product free

Not tested on animals

As you can see, I can’t say enough about Spa Sisters.  Take a look at their site and give their products a try.  They’re busy this Holiday season so make sure you catch them at one of their shows, or order online and enjoy their amazing customer service. These girls are on the rise. Soon we’ll be able to say, “We knew them when…”.

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