Tips For Better Sleep

Tips For Better Sleep

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Sleep seems to be one of the number one complaints of my clients. We all know what it’s like to wake up after a crappy sleep. Coffee IV please!

Sleep is essential for the following:

  • Mental Health
  • Weight management
  • Good digestion
  • Healing
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Better athletic performance
  • Better performance at work/school
    …and so much more…

When I do nutritional consultants I always ask my clients what their top 3 complaints are – if sleep isn’t on the list, you can bet that it’s somehow connected to all 3 complaints.

I’ve spent a lot of time (especially since our third babe was born) focusing on improving the quality of my family’s sleep. Life is just so much more enjoyable when you’re well rested!

Here are my favorite tips for getting a better sleep:

1. Diffuse sleep-friendly oils at bedtime. I try to put mine on about half an hour before we go to bed. Then I turn the diffuser off when I turn the lights out. There’s no need to have it running all night long. We currently diffuse Sandalwood, Arborvitae and Black Pepper in our bedroom. It’s pretty dreamy. doTERRA’s Breathe/Easy Air is another great one for sleep. Plus, the obvious Lavender or Serenity essential oil works great too. What’s your bedtime diffuser blend? You might have to play around a little. For instance, Lavender is not relaxing for me and therefore isn’t a good one for bedtime. Sandalwood on the other hand, I need to avoid it when I need to be alert. It’s my sleepy oil. Click here to read more about my doTERRA journey.

2. Turn off screens at least 15-30 mins before bed (ideally more like an hour or two). The light from computer screens/phone screens disrupts the production of melatonin – our much-needed sleep hormone. What? You like to fall asleep watching TV? Time to switch to a book. You might not notice that this habit is hurting your sleep, but it is! Quality over quantity.

3. Turn the WIFI off at night. WIFI may interfere with the brain while we’re sleeping. Sleep gives your body a rest so it can work on restoring itself. Interrupting that restoration process will definitely interrupt our sleep. Give your body a break from WIFI whenever you can. We still don’t really know the negative long-term side effects of exposure.

4. Try supplemental magnesium for relaxation.  I like to use CALM before bedtime most nights. Especially if I’ve had a hard workout and my muscles are tired or sore.

5. Meditation really is the best way to calm your mind. Doing it any time of day will benefit sleep, it doesn’t have to be before bedtime. I’ve tried it at bedtime and I usually end up just falling asleep. I find first thing in the morning the best time for me and meditation.

6. Don’t eat after dinner, and try to finish your dinner by 7 or 8 pm. Late night eating disrupts the body’s natural restoration rhythm and this slows down everything, especially your metabolism. So if you’re trying to lose weight, you HAVE to conquer that after-dinner snacking.

What do you do to ensure a good night’s sleep? I’d love to know!

If you would like to learn more about essential oils and get started with doTERRA’s CPTG essential oils, message me here I’d be honoured to guide you. Click here to learn more about doTERRA’s quality. Anyone who enrolls with me gets a free 30 minute wellness consult!

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