Nutrition Coaching for Individuals and Organizations

If you’re interested in making healthy changes in your life but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Maggie works one-on-one with individuals as a Nutrition Coach to help implement healthy diet and lifestyle for you or your family. And for organizations, Maggie provides on-site workshops wellness training.

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“Maggie helped us navigate the world of eating dairy and gluten free with patience, understanding, humor and more importantly with her knowledge. She made what seemed daunting, easily digestible (pun intended).  The transition for our daughter to this new normal, over the Christmas holidays of all times, was completely manageable with Maggie’s help.” 

Katherine MacDonald


Initial Consults $125

1 hour meeting, with 3 follow-up emails included

  • Before the consultation the client (or Parent/Guardian) will complete an Intake Form and a 3-day food journal
  • Assessment of forms and identification of imbalances or concerns, as well as a discussion about any work with MD’s, Specialists, ND’s, or other practitioners
  • Maggie will offer general diet, lifestyle and/or supplement suggestions to get you started on your path to optimal health, based on health goals
  • Includes 10% discount off a 7 day menu plan

Follow-up Consults $75 (depending on client needs)

45-60 minute meeting with 3 follow-up emails included

  • Follow-up consults will depend on individual’s needs and health goals and will be initiated by you
  • Perfect for general questions or if you need a reset

 7 Day Menu Plan $175

  • Includes recipes, meal ideas, and more
  • Maggie will create a partial shopping list for you – products and brands to look for (and sometimes products to avoid)
  • Including Maggie’s recommended gluten-free products and most recipe ingredients

Shopping Excursion with Maggie $125 

For local clients only

  • Maggie will accompany you to grocery store or the health food store
  • Maggie will highlight and recommend products, teach you how to effectively label read, and show you her favorite and most-used products

 Clear Out The Cupboards $75

1 hour meeting. For local clients only

  • Maggie will spend an hour at your home going through your cupboards and fridge and sharing her tips for running a healthy kitchen
  • Depending on client needs, Maggie will help you prepare your cupboards and fridge

Gluten-Free Baking 101 (starts at $300 – price varies based on client needs)

2-4 hour meeting, for local clients only

  • Maggie will come to your home and will guide you through some of her gluten-free recipes, share her tips for gluten-free baking, and much more
  • Client provides the ingredients (list and recipe(s) will be provided by Maggie)