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Are you ready to take control of your health and your family’s health?

If you said yes, then it is time to join me and countless others on the essential oil journey.

I believe we have lost our way when it comes to our health. We were meant to take care of ourselves, to heal ourselves, and to flourish in every way possible.  I’ve spent many years on this very path – reclaiming my personal power and control over my own health.

Through schooling and self-education, I have found the keys to a natural lifestyle.  I want to share these keys with you so you can feel better, so your children can feel better, so your partners can feel better.

I chose doTerra’s essential oils for many reasons.  I started using oils when my son was born and we were having difficulty calming him and getting him to sleep restfully.  My sister-in-law suggested lavender so as a desperate and new mama, I bought my first bottle of essential oils.  Since then they’ve always been in my natural medicine cabinet.

When our third babe was born I found doTerra’s essential oils through my friend and colleague Ange Peters from  Like me, Ange only puts the best into her body.  We share many of the same values – good health, spending quality time with our kids, and only putting the best in and on our bodies.  Our bodies are our temples and we need to care for them – especially if we’re blessed with the role of caring for others.  Caring for ourselves will give us the energy we need to care for others.

It’s time to put healthcare back in our own hands.  Using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils is one way you can take back some power.  The benefits are incredible – for mind, body, and spirit.

Join me and let’s live vibrantly, healthfully, and beautifully together.

Maggie xo