7 Ways to Improve Your Hormonal Health Today

by Maggie on November 4, 2013

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7 tips for hormonal healthThis is a total departure from my usual posts and recipes, but I hope you’ll stick with me!

As most of you know, I am finishing up my Holistic Nutrition diploma. I am currently wrapping up my case studies and it’s amazing how the same problems keep coming up – fatigue, inability to lose weight, cravings, intestinal and digestive problems (candida anyone?).

We all have the same problems. Isn’t that fascinating?

The one health problem that I find to be of most interest, and perhaps most pressing, comes down to hormonal health. Since many of us are suffering from hormonal imbalance symptoms – moodiness, PMS symptoms, weight loss problems, fatigue to name a few – I thought I would share what I’ve learned that can really help women balance their hormones (and prevent problems with the thyroid, pituitary gland, or adrenals).

1. Stress reduction is key.

Meditation is really all it’s chalked up to be. I am about a month into a regular meditation practice. I started with 5 minutes and I’ve worked my way up to 8 minutes. It’s nothing to write Deepak Chopra about, but it’s a start and I am hooked. Simplify by keeping it simple.

2. Get your B vitamins checked.

Once you’ve had your B vitamins checked by your doctor, start supplementing with a quality B complex or multivitamin. Foods that are high in B vitamins are brown rice, leafy greens, almonds and sprouted gluten-free grains.

3. Clean up your diet.

Eliminate gluten (if you haven’t already), pasteurized and non-organic dairy, and refined sugars. Add more live and natural foods to your diet – sprouts, non-starchy vegetables, raw nuts and seeds if you can tolerate them, soluble fibre, and healthy fats like avocado.

4. Love your skin.

Think of your skin as the absorptive barrier that it is and get rid of toxic soaps, creams and lotions. You may think they’re helping you age more gracefully, but the damage they’re doing on the inside is just not worth it. My favorite line of natural skin care is Living Libations .

5. Pay attention to your digestion.

Ensure your digestive system is functioning properly so your liver can do its thing and detox all those toxic chemicals and excess estrogen. You might want to do a cleanse, slow down while eating and turn off the computer or TV while during mealtimes. I know, it’s really hard, but it’s so important.  Also, chew-chew-chew!  Your stomach does not have any teeth!

6. Eat organic where possible.

I realize a gluten-free diet can be expensive enough as it is, so I recommend you take a look at what foods you eat most of and go from there. Also, non-organic meats are tainted with growth hormones and antibiotics. No thanks.

7. Think positively.

I cannot stress enough the power of positive thinking. I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s not. Just ask Louise Hay or Wayne Dyer , even the almighty Oprah believes in the power of positive thinking.


Hormone-Loving Links

  • Check out Andrea Nakayama’s upcoming course Estrozen. She’ll guide you and your hormones back to health in no time! Pete and I did a cleanse with Andrea in the Spring and she is fabulous!

What’s of most importance is that WE take control of our own health. We are designed to look and feel good – our bodies want to be balanced and strong.

Got any tips to share?  Let us know how you’re balancing your hormones by leaving a comment below.