Gluten-Free Toronto Love

by Maggie on June 21, 2013

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Shirley, Ricki and Me – We met in Toronto, Canada a couple of weeks ago!


First let me begin by saying I am so grateful for all of the amazing people who are working hard to make healthy gluten-free living easier for all of us! I get so excited when I see a new gluten-free product on the market, or when I hear about a gluten-free friendly restaurant.

I live in a great little community not far from Toronto, Ontario.  Although we have some delicious local restaurants, we love driving into the city to stock up on treats and hit up some of our favorite places.  We tend to do this more often in the Summer months so I thought it was time for me to share some of our faves.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite Toronto (and area) spots:

Bunner’s Bakeshop is our favorite place for gluten-free cupcakes and cinnamon buns. Oh my goodness. Pete and I are big fans of their Supersonic Gypsy Cookie.

Tori’s Bakeshop is relatively new to the scene. They’re not 100% gluten-free, but they do make an amazing gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free bread.

Fresh Restaurants is hands-down our fave place to grab a quick bite to eat. They have three locations in Toronto, and they’re opening a fourth location in the Fall. The food is amazing and they have a gluten-free menu with lots of healthy options.

Live Food Bar is a raw food restaurant, with some cooked goodies. The desserts are incredible and they serve a mean brunch!

Il Fornello’s is a great spot – they have 5 locations around the greater Toronto area. Their gluten-free pizza crust is delish. This is where I had dinner with Shirley from GFE and Ricki from Diet, Dessert and Dogs (pictured above).

Queen B Pastry doesn’t have a storefront, but they’re a relatively new bake shop that makes yummy gluten-free and dairy-free treats.  My kids really like their cookies!

Organic Works Bakery and Cafe in London, Ontario – just up the highway from Toronto!  They have one of the THE BEST gluten-free bread selections and it’s distributed as far as Ottawa, Ontario. Make sure you ask your local health food store to stock it if you’re anywhere between London and Ottawa.  I can find it at Noah’s Natural Foods when I’m in Toronto.

And if you’re in Toronto in November of 2013, you’ve got to check out The Gluten-Free Garage. It’s a great event showcasing some incredible local food.

What are your favorite local products and places, leave a comment below.  Be sure to tell us where you live so we can hit up those spots when we’re in your town!