We Planted A Garden!

by Maggie on June 17, 2012

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Callum and Liv have taken an interest in planting and watering flowers so I decided to involve them in this year’s gardening adventures.

Please let me begin by telling you three things:

  1. I am no expert gardener – I plant it, and if it grows we eat it!
  2. Our garden is teeny tiny.
  3. We had no plan. Just fun!

I do love taking my garden gloves off and getting my hands right into the earth. There’s something restorative about it.  And I love watching my kids get dirty in the garden.  I think it’s so important that we all stay connected to our dear Momma Earth.

Our adventures began when I took Callum and Liv to a garden center and the farmer’s market so we could pick out some veggies.

Here’s what we chose to plant:

Pole beans
Green beans

Pretty simple, right?  Let’s hope! If all else fails, we’ve got our amazing CSA Farmers working their magic for us!

Callum and Liv loved planting and they have since loved watching their seeds sprout into little plants.  Liv has a little trouble understanding why they aren’t ready right now!

I think gardening with your kids is a great way to teach them about real food.  My hope is Callum and Liv will try all of our successfully harvested veggies, and perhaps they might even fall in love with them!

I’ll keep you posted on our Summer progress!  I can’t wait to harvest some of our veggies and create some delicious recipes for you!  By the looks of our list, I’m guessing it’s going to be a salad recipe!

Did you plant a garden?  Perhaps you have some tips for us?

(The winner of The Pure Kitchen giveaway is Sarah – she said Organic fruits and veggies are the essential pure ingredients!  Thanks to all who participated.  I LOVED reading your entries.)