The PURE Organic Bar

by Maggie on February 6, 2011

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Have you heard of PURE Organic Bars?

They’re a naturally gluten-free and vegan energy bar that is also free of refined sugars (they’re sweetened with organic agave nectar).

Veronica, the woman behind Pure Organic Bars, created them after her six year old daughter decided she no longer wanted to eat meat (check out the cool story here).

Lucky for me and my gang, Pure Organic Bars sent me a box of their bars to sample – six pretty incredible and diverse flavors!

Wild Blueberry
Trail Mix
Cranberry Orange
Cherry Cashew
Apple Cinnamon
Chocolate Brownie

I tried a Chocolate Brownie Bar first. I LOVED it! It was such a chewy and satisfying treat. Although I found it too sweet – I’m used to LARA bars, which are sweetened only with dates. Pure Organic Bars are sweetened with dates and agave nectar. So they’re quite sweet!

I happen to love their packaging. I am a sucker for pretty things and I love everything about the way Pure Organic Bars are packaged. I especially like the looks of their ingredient lists. 6-8 natural and organic ingredients!

I think these would be good if you wanted to treat your kids to a sweet fruit and nut energy bar. The sweetness of the bars definitely appealed to my kids! Each bar contains one and-a-half servings of fruit.

I shared some of the bars with my Dad. He commutes 5 days a week so I thought they would be the perfect healthy snack for him (he’s got a sweet tooth). He tried the Cinnamon Apple Bar and the Cranberry Cashew Bar and loved both of them.

Pure Organic Bars are perfect for people like my Mom and Dad who aren’t used to fruit and nut energy bars. The sweetness of the agave will help them transition from a sweet granola bar or even Fig Newtons (my Dad is addicted). They’re great if you’re travelling or just on the go all day, like he is.

Make sure you check out Pure Organic Bars for yourself by visiting their bright and friendly site, checking them out on Facebook (check out their fan page where you can win a trip to Costa Rica), or you can find them on Twitter.

Disclaimer: The Pure Organic Bars were given to me so I could review them. The opinions expressed are my own. Pure Bars are naturally gluten-free, however they’re not produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

What’s your favorite energy bar?

By the way, if you’re interested in energy bars check out Erin’s review of PUREFIT bars over at Gluten-Free Fitness (not the same brand as Pure Organic Bars).