Friday Finds: Celiac Awareness Month

by Maggie on May 14, 2010

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May is Celiac Awareness Month and I’ve been thinking about what this means to me.

Pete was diagnosed with celiac disease 6 years ago.

I remember feeling a little bummed out and completely overwhelmed.  I loved to bake and was really getting my groove on with homemade bread.  Who would I bake for now?

Pete’s sister, who was diagnosed with celiac disease over 25 years ago, was my go-to girl for everything gluten-free.  Naturally she pointed me in the direction of Bette Hagman.

Once Pete and I got over the shock, it got easier.  I figured out how to convert a recipe to gluten-free and 6 years later, here I am living happily in She Let Them Eat Cake land.

Only now it’s not just about Pete and I.

Our three-year old son was diagnosed with a wheat-gluten intolerance in December of 2009.  We decided to go gluten-free as a family to avoid the risk of cross-contamination and sibling “why can she eat that but I can’t” moments.

Since Callum’s diagnosis, and since I’ve been blogging, I have learned so much about the dangers of contamination and the other auto-immune diseases that exist.  I’ve also learned that celiac disease clearly runs in the family.

Callum’s intolerance could’ve easily developed into celiac disease had he continued to eat gluten.  And I’ve seen some not-so-nice long-term effects of celiac disease.  I want to make sure my family’s digestive systems are super healthy.  Food is our fuel.

Raising awareness about celiac disease and gluten intolerance is really important to me.  It’s not something I take lightly.

A gluten-free diet meant no more daily heartburn for Pete.  It also meant a 15 pound weight gain.

A gluten-free diet for Callum meant no more inhalers.  It also meant better sleeps and less tummy aches.


I am so thankful for Pete and Callum’s diagnoses.

I am also thankful for my blog readers.  You’re helping me spread awareness.

What does Celiac Awareness Month mean to you?

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