Friday Finds ‘Organic Oven’ Pizza

by Maggie on February 12, 2010

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One of the things we miss most about the gluten world is the convenience of PIZZA.

If you stop to think about it, pizza is a gigantic industry – frozen pizza, fresh pizza, pizzerias, stuffed-crust pizza, four-cheese pizza, meat-lover’s pizza, and the list goes on and on (anyone else thinking of Forrest Gump and Bubba Shrimp right now?).

Pizza can be so convenient.  If you live freely in a gluten-filled world.  If so, you can have pizza in a matter of minutes.

It’s a little harder when you live in a gluten-free world.

We have a great pizza dough recipe , but it’s made from scratch and sometimes ya just want pizza on a whim!  Especially when you have kids who love pizza.

It’s hard to find a store-bought crust that fits our requirements: gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free.

Luckily we found one!

Organic Oven is a Canadian company that makes a great pizza crust.  All of the ingredients are organic: brown rice flour, white rice flour, olive oil, flax seed meal, quinoa flakes, tapioca, agar-agar, yeast, and sea salt.  

It tastes great and it is babe approved – Callum has gotten used to gluten-free pizza with nothing but tomato sauce and a little nutritional yeast!  One battle down.

Pete and I also enjoy this crust with our usual toppings.  It’s so nice to be able to pop a crust in the oven and have pizza 10 minutes later.  We usually thaw the frozen crust in the oven for a few minutes, take it out and drizzle it with olive oil, and then add our toppings.  We find that gluten-free crusts, which tend to be a little dry, really benefit from the olive oil.

I love that Organic Oven’s crust has quinoa flakes in it – a little added protein! They also make a number of other baked goods and they have a cafe you can visit if you’re in the Toronto area.

We originally bought our pizza crust at Whole Foods but I’m in the middle of negotiations with my local health food store to bring it to Peterborough.  That would be even more convenient!

When we were living in London PIZZA PIZZA had started making gluten-free pizza crust that was tolerable.  I think Pete ate it just because he could.  Just because it was available.  Just because it brought back his university days (except he wasn’t ordering it at 2am after a night on the town).

And kudos to PIZZA PIZZA for even trying!

What’s your favourite pizza crust?  Is it convenient?

p.s. If you asked Pete what he missed most about the gluten world he would definitely say BEER!