Friday Finds Lip Balm

by Maggie on February 5, 2010

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I am addicted to lip balm.

I used to use Vaseline and Carmex to moisturize my lips, but then I wised up when I learned about some of the ingredients in mainstream lip moisturizers (check out Less Toxic Guide for a summary).

It was really hard for me to stop using Carmex, I loved it.  I still get the shakes when I see it at the drug store.  I want to pick it up and smother it all over my lips.  However, I refuse to use it now.  It contains two ingredients on the definite no-no list: phenol and petroleum.

My babes love to use my lip balms so I need to think about them too when I’m choosing brands to buy.  They’re kids so they want to do everything adults do!

I’ve found two lip balms that I feel happy with. They acutally moisturize my lips and they won’t slowly poison me or anyone I kiss (Valentine’s Day is coming don’t you know).  Here’s my choices.

1.  Spa Sisters Lip Butter – my favourites are the Vanilla Fudge Lip Butter and the Shea Lip Butter click here to check them out.

2.  Eco Lips Pure & Simple Balms – my favourite flavours are Kiwi-Strawberry and Grape click here to check them out.

You can buy Spa Sisters Lip Butters online (they have amazing customer service) and at a few select retail locations.  You can get Eco Lips online and at most health food stores that carry beauty products.

Both lines are all-natural and gluten-free. Yes, some beauty products contain gluten.

I don’t hesitate to let my babes put some lip balm on now.

So now you need to read your beauty product labels for: parabens, phenol, petroleum AND gluten!  I know, I’ve given you one more thing to think about.  Sorry!

What do you use on your lips?  Leave a comment and share one of your favourite brands with us.