Friday Finds ‘If You Care’

by Maggie on January 22, 2010

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I have an important challenge ahead of me this month.

I will be making cupcakes and a cake (gasp) for one of my lovely clients. So I’m spending January making cakes, cupcakes, and icings! How lucky am I? God, I will really need to step up the exercise after all of this taste-testing.  And by “step up” I mean step up off of my butt and actually exercise.

So to make the perfect brithday cupcake, you need the perfect cupcake liner, right?  There are so many fun ones to choose from.  Have you walked the aisles of The Bulk Barn lately?  Or Michael’s?  Holy moly, you can make anyone happy with a simple cupcake liner.

However, this client requires a special cupcake liner and I’ve found the perfect one and thought I would share it with my faithfuls this week.  I came across these cupcake liners last week called If You Care ( I’m sure some of you have heard of them). They make all kinds of baking and cooking accessories that are so thoughtfully green and eco-friendly.

Let me explain.  This cupcake project is for a young woman who cares very much about the world she lives in, and she and her partner care a lot about leaving it the way they found it – or perhaps even better!  So for this occasion, I thought I would let the actual cupcakes do the talking!

Really, who remembers the liners anyway (but you just said you need the perfect liner for the perfect cupcake…yeah, yeah)?

As if someone says, “Oh my goodness!  Do you remember those Dora and Diego cupcake liners from Johnny’s birthday party?”

No way.  This is more like it, “Oh my goodness!  Do you remember those yummy, yummy chocolate cupcakes from Johnny’s birthday party?  Did you know they were gluten-free?  Oh yes they were!”

I found If You Care enviro-friendly  liners at my local health food store.  You can certainly find them at yours, or buy them online of course.

Can you believe they’re only $2.25 for 60 cups?

I failed to mention that you can compost them and they’re toxin-free!  Oh, and the biggie?  They do work.  However, I did notice that over time the liners pulled away from my cupcakes.  Maybe it’s the lack of toxins?  Maybe it was the vegan / gluten-free cupcakes?  Not sure, but they still looked and tasted delish!

So they don’t look fun and colourful but, it’s the actual cupcake that counts isn’t it?

And my latest cupcake recipe is worth counting (coming soon).

Have you used these cupcake liners before?  Do you know of another eco-friendly brand of cupcake liners?  Please leave a  comment and let us know all about your perfect cupcake!

Photo Credit: rachiecakes75