Friday Finds Life, Gluten Free

by Maggie on December 18, 2009

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This week I must share a great blog that I came across.  I’m sharing it with you because I know many of you will find some great value in what this gluten-free mommy has to offer.  The blog is called Life, Gluten Free.

Let me begin by backtracking a little.  A couple of weeks ago we had Callum tested for food sensitivities via our amazing Naturopathic Doctor, Adam Prinsen.  We got the results yesterday and were a little taken aback by the findings.

Callum is severely sensitive to all kinds of dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt, whey, casein, and even goat’s milk).  He’s also severely sensitive to eggs.  And did I mention the wheat/gluten sensitivity.  Yep. I know, that one’s not a huge surprise.

If you’re like me, you’re wondering what on earth we’re going to feed this poor little dude!  All along we’ve been watching Liv’s sensitivities not realizing that Mr. Callum is in the same boat.  Duh!

Did I mention that eggs are a favourite of his?  And pizza.  And cheese and crackers.  It’s okay though.  The gluten thing is already taken care of (hello, see blog description).  He’s already relatively dairy-free, it’s just the cheese and the odd bowl of yogurt that we’ll need to eliminate.  And the eggs!  Ahh.  Eggs are so quick and easy and nutritious.  That will be our challenge.  EGGS!

So in my googling, surfing, and blogging around this week, I came across this excellent blog.  Yes, she’s also on Twitter- are you beginning to think that you’re the only one who isn’t?

Heather from Life, Gluten Free blogs about living with allergies – mainly celiac disease (like Pete and perhaps Mr. Callum). She’s a mom too who cares a lot about what her family is putting into their bodies.  Heather shares a lot of fantastic and super healthy recipes that I really want to try when I find a moment (haha).  She also blogs about important and relevant topics like good and bad sweeteners or the benefits of hemp.   And she writes reviews about products (mainly adorable shoes) that are for her daughter.

If you spend some time on Heather’s blog you’ll begin to feel like you know her.  To me, that’s the sign of a good blog.