It’s A Wrap

by Maggie on October 22, 2009

I finally bought some FOOD FOR LIFE Brown Rice Tortillas to try with our bean burrito recipe that we love.  For years we’ve been eating corn tortillas.  They’re small and not as fun as a larger, more traditional wrap.  Though they do come in handy when you want to make your own nacho chips (I will post that recipe for you at some point).

Yesterday I was at my new favourite health food store and I decided to FINALLY buy some.  It was a Mexican dinner so I thought they would be the perfect addition.  And they were!!!

Pete loved being able to have a proper burrito again.  Callum enjoyed his with some peanut butter (being three, he’s anti-anything-new).  I thought they were very much like the whole wheat wraps I am used to eating.  Livvie could even have these babies so she enjoyed hers with some beans and rice cheese (ahhh, she’s so cute).  We loaded them up and they stood up quite well.  They were a little bit flakey but hey, we’ll take that.  Next time we’re going to try making quesadillas.




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